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Three years ago, Philip Marks Chocolates evolved from a collaboration of two friends who came together after many years apart. When they bumped into each other, Phil mentioned to Lynne that he was interested in starting a chocolate company. His fondest childhood memories were the excitement and the enjoyment of unwrapping a chocolate bar and eating it slowly so as to savor each and every bite.


Since then, the world of chocolate has changed. For three years we tested and tried hundreds of chocolates from around the globe. And so it is that we introduced to the marketplace the artisan confections of Philip Marks Chocolates. 


At Philip Marks Chocolates we are dedicated to providing the best quality along with original recipes. If we are going to put our name on it, then our confection’s better live up to our reputation. We know there are many good chocolates out there…”Good” just isn’t enough for us. We source higher end Swiss chocolate than most of our competition. Our products use only natural ingredients and are handmade with Grand Cru couverture which is produced from pure single origin cacao.


Our confections are sophisticated in flavor and sublime to eat. Don’t just take our word for it, try it yourself and you decide. We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas for future products down the line. After all, it’s YOUR palate that we are catering to and nothing matters more to us than pleasing you with the best ingredients, the purest chocolate and a mouthwatering experience.

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